learning for life

"Staff work with Passion and enthusiasm to provide every pupil with a personalised curriculum" Ofsted

lakeside school

Aims And Vision

Why we are here:

To teach Independence, autonomy and life skills
To teach effective communication
To promote and sustain positive mental health and wellbeing
To teach pupils to be safe and keep them safe

Our aims:

Our pupils will learn how it feels to have a positive effect upon the world they live in and the people who are important to them.
Our pupils will be able to communicate in socially recognisable ways.
Our pupils will have confidence, positive self –regard and levels of self-advocacy they know will be respected.
Our Pupils will know they are safe and be able to act where necessary to keep themselves safe.

Our vision:

To create and sustain a community in which everyone, pupils and staff, are on the team and knows which way we are heading.