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Supporting Pupils With Sensory Impairments At Lakeside

At Lakeside we strive to use a multi-sensory approach to the curriculum so that pupils are able to access learning through their strongest sense, whether that is vision, hearing or touch. Pupils are also encouraged to utilise their residual senses with specialist equipment with the support of county specialist teachers for vision, hearing and multi-sensory impairment.

Communication systems are tailored to pupils’ sensory strengths in order to best support them to access information, but our principle of Total Communication enables pupils to receive information through a multi-sensory approach. This includes object cues, symbols, body signs, key-word signing and spoken words.

We also work with a Habilitation specialist to support pupils with their mobility and orientation to enable them to access the school and wider community as independently as possible. Hannah, our MOVE co-ordinator, also works to develop mobility across the school, supporting pupils who are learning to have greater control over their movement, learning to walk and building confidence in their mobility.