Lakeside is a community special school providing for up to 70 pupils aged 2-19

It is designated for pupils with:

  • Severe learning difficulties
  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties
  • Autism
Our pupils often have a complexity of needs. We have expertise in teaching pupils with hearing and visual impairments and physical disabilities. Our pupils may have associated medical conditions including those with life limiting conditions. Our approach is both individual and holistic which enables us to provide appropriate education for all these pupils.
We serve a wide catchment area centred on the Welwyn Hatfield area which extends to Borehamwood and Potters Bar. Pupils are placed at the school by the Local Authority and all pupils require a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan naming the school.

If parents wish to have paper copies of any information found on this website they may do so by contacting the school office.

Important documents

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Parent Survey

Please click below to download our Parent Survey for 2020/2021.

Parent Pack

Full of home education ideas for special needs pupils.

Risk Assessment

Lakeside School Risk Assessment September 2020.


Information regarding our Covid-19 Management Plan.

Calendar of Events

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Term ends

The school will close at 13:00pm

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19 July 2024
22 July 2024

Inset Day

School closed.

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02 September 2024
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